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Relax and Unwind
In Our Stylish Rooms
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We Deliver an Exceptional
Level Service at All Times
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An Idyllic Place to Host Meetings
and Private Functions in Bogor
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Create your
family precious moments
that will last a lifetime
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Experience the ultimate
ladies spa treatment
in Bogor
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Indulge in Diverse
and Flavorful Cuisines
From Our Dining Options
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A Luxury and Heritage Hotel
In The Heart of The City
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Serene views of
surrounding garden,
swimming pool, and fishpond
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Learn about
local attractions
and things to do in Bogor

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Restaurants Detail

Den Haag Café

Opening Hours:
Open daily 10 a.m. - 8 p.m

Facing the inner garden, Den Haaq Café is the perfect place to satisfy your palate with delicious Dutch delicacies and tasty Indonesian snacks. Offering a casual, yet intimate setting, Den Haaq Café is an ideal choice for private parties and small gatherings.

To view our menu click here