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A Luxury and Heritage Hotel
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Learn about
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Indonesian and Korean Similiar Cuisine

Do you know the culinary diversity of Indonesia is also similar to some Korean culinary State? There are few snacks has a good similarity of textures, materials, and appearance with Indonesian food. Here is the origin of Korean snacks that have similarities to Indonesian cuisine.

Bogor's Heritage Vihara : Hok Tek Bio

Dhanagun Mahacetya Vihara, which is also known as Hok Tek Bio, located in Jalan Surya Kencana 1, eastern district of Bogor. Hok Tek Bio, a place of worship for traditional Chinese society in terms of Indonesian natives called 'Klenteng'. The term is associated with the sound of temple or pagoda 'klenting-klenting' from small chime. Hok Tek Bio named from the word which means fortune Hok, Hok Tek Tek means virtue Bio which is house of worship and good fortune.

Istana Bogor Open 2013

Starting 17th - 20th June and 22nd June, 2013 Bogor will hold a big celebration to welcome the 531st birthday. Interesting events will be held,such as:

  • Bogor Palace Open (17th - 20th June 2013 and 22nd June 2013), free entry to Bogor Palace.
  • Museums Open, Festivals (food,crafts and traditional art from Bogor)

Festival Bunga dan Buah Nusantara 2013

Who's not familiar with Bogor? The town is also known as the rain city,always has a special attraction. Besides famous with its Bogor Botanical Garden,there are also many other interesting attractions for you to visit with family.

The Rainiest City in Java

Can you imagine world with rare intensity of rain? All we can see will be crack soils, no blooming flowers, no foliage among us. For some reasons, rain could be the most awaited thing. In the other hemisphere, rain comes only at certain time.

Find Convenience of Meeting at Bogor

The exoticism of this city always has their attractiveness to us. Breeze air among the foliage make Bogor look more beautiful. Bogor is one of the most highly recommended location for business meetings for corporates.

The Heart of Bogor : Botanical Garden

The Bogor Botanical Gardens, or in Bahasa we called Kebun Raya, are located in the city of Bogor in Indononesia, 60 km south of the capital of Jakarta. The gardens are in the city center and adjoin the Istana Bogor (Presidential Palace). The gardens cover more than 80 hectares and were built by Java 's Dutch Governor-General Gustaaf Willem, Baron van Imhoff who was governor of Java at the time.

In Love with Bogor

Gathering with families during weekend become awaited moment for most of us. Coincide with Lebaran moment, weekend become more interesting to spend holiday with family too. We can try to explore Bogor. Bring the kids with, take them to enjoy Botanical Garden, a place they can freely play outdoor activities. Or you can show them the biggest zoo in Bogor, Taman Safari Indonesia, and learn about cute and even dangerous animals.

Special Moment at Special Place along with Ramadhan

Welcoming Ramadhan, all moslem society happily prepared their body and soul for the journey to remedy. During this annually precious moment, they usually made a plan to become a better person after Lebaran Day. Started from otherworldly and physical endurance training to a perfect moment for reunion for tighten what they called 'silaturahmi' or other way to express relationship.

Spend Holiday at Bogor

Sometimes we were confused to decide where to go to spend a meaningful school holiday. If you're near from Jakarta, why don't you try to spend holiday at Bogor. A perfect place for spend your vacation that whole family member will be indulged here. This beautiful rain city always offer you a better view with fresh air. Let's try to escape from hectic daily routine, to enjoy lovely excursion or stay here for a while.