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Relax and Unwind
In Our Stylish Rooms
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We Deliver an Exceptional
Level Service at All Times
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An Idyllic Place to Host Meetings
and Private Functions in Bogor
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Create your
family precious moments
that will last a lifetime
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Experience the ultimate
ladies spa treatment
in Bogor
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Indulge in Diverse
and Flavorful Cuisines
From Our Dining Options
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A Luxury and Heritage Hotel
In The Heart of The City
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Serene views of
surrounding garden,
swimming pool, and fishpond
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Learn about
local attractions
and things to do in Bogor

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Promotions & Room Discount Bogor - Hotel Salak The Heritage


Program Overview

Hotel Salak has Reward Points Program to provide a wide selection of high quality gifts without lottery for all individual guests (FIT) staying weekday and weekend. Guests will get reward points for every stay based on the type of rooms that have been reserved. Earn points effortlessly when you stay with us. Collect more Point Rewards with more bookings, and redeem the point to earn special room discounts up to 60%. You can start earning points each time you stay with us.

Member Benefits

    1. Every stay you will earn points according to the type of the room.
    2. You can accumulate points any time.
    3. The points that you earn can be redeem for room discount vouchers or exclusive gift.
    4. Each coupon reward points is 20 points, and given to guest number
        of points they get in provision No. 5.
    5. The amount of points earned is as follows:
    6. Discount that will be earned can be redeemed as follows:
          a. 50 points get a room discount 30%
          b. 70 points get a room discount 35%
          c. 90 points get a room discount 40%
          d. 100 points get a room discount 45%
          e. 120 points get a room discount 50%
          f. 150 points get a room discount 60%
          Note: The maximum discount of up to 60%

Term and Conditions

  • Point reward given to individual guests (FIT) and Reservation Direct Booking from our website.
  • The points that you earn can be redeem for room discount or exclusive gift.
  • Point reward can only be used to get discounts on a reservation on a Saturday or Sunday and public holidays (except New Year, and is not valid for group events).
  • Point Reward is calculated based on reservation Individual guests (FIT).
  • The program applies to the real reservation (does not apply to a room upgrade) and does not apply for reservation room compliment.
  • If guests are going to use coupons Point Reward, the guest must submit vouchers to the receptionist.
  • When the guests use the coupon for redeem room discount, guests do not get the points from their stay. Guests will get a coupon for the next stay.
  • Reward point is valid for 3 years from the registered date.
  • When the date is expired, renewal is available.
  • Reward point can not be exchange for cash.
  • Coupons can be transferred to others.
  • Information about reward points program can be seen also in