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Relax and Unwind
In Our Stylish Rooms
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We Deliver an Exceptional
Level Service at All Times
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An Idyllic Place to Host Meetings
and Private Functions in Bogor
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Create your
family precious moments
that will last a lifetime
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Experience the ultimate
ladies spa treatment
in Bogor
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Indulge in Diverse
and Flavorful Cuisines
From Our Dining Options
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A Luxury and Heritage Hotel
In The Heart of The City
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Serene views of
surrounding garden,
swimming pool, and fishpond
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Learn about
local attractions
and things to do in Bogor

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Salak Privileges Card - Hotel Salak The Heritage


Hotel Salak The Heritage invites you to get more experience and service with the Salak Privilage Card ®, a privilege program where exclusivity and insightful service meet the standard of excellence.

As a Salak Privilage Card ® member, you will enjoy complete benefits from this member program. With this you will get more discounts for accommodation, food, beverage, and laundry at Hotel Salak The Heritage. Moreover, you will get complimentary room vouchers, complimentary room upgrades and late check-out upon availability with reservations. You will have exclusive access to your personal profile anytime through our password-protected member portal. This allows you to easily get information about reward points and learn how to receive more benefits.

General Overview

  • SALAK PRIVILEGE CARD is an exclusive privileges. Program that allows loyal guests to enjoy exclusive services and benefits based on your personal preferences, as well as, earn valuable room upgrades. Once your unique member profile is complete.

  • What is the advantage of joining?
  • The program is simple and guests receive special benefits for every stays at Hotel Salak The Heritage. It offers the recognition and personalized services that are most meaningful to you, paving the way for an exceptional experience with every stay.

  • How do I apply?
  • Registration for the program occurs:

    Click Here to apply for SALAK PRIVILEGE CARD

  • How can I learn more about SALAK PRIVILEGE CARD?
  • Visit our Program Overview page or contact SALAK PRIVILEGE CARD Guest Services at +62 251 8373 111. For assistance email

Making a Reservation

  • How do I earn credit for stays?
  • Once you become a member, simply provide your unique Member ID when making a reservation on website or by calling the hotel room reservation directly at +62 251 8373 111.

How to Earn and Redeem Benefits

  • As a member how can I redeem my complimentary room voucher ?
  • You may directly call +62 251 8373 111 reservation service check room availability and to redeem complimentary room vouchers.

  • How do I find out how many complimentary upgrades I am entitled to ?
  • You may directly call to +62 251 8373 111 reservation service to check room availability and to redeem complimentary upgrade room.

  • Are there blackout dates for complimentary upgrades and complimentary nights?
  • No, you can redeem anyday based on room availability. Hotels may limit the number of standard rooms available for redemption.

  • As a member, can I transfer complimentary nights to other guests?
  • Complimentary nights cannot be transferred to other guests.

  • When can I redeem my complimentary upgrades and nights?
  • Complimentary upgrades and nights can be applied to the following stay after they are earned.

  • Do my upgrades and nights expire?
  • Complimentary upgrades and nights expire 12 months after they have been earned.

Managing Your Account

  • Where can I view and/or edit my account information online?
  • You may visit to view accounts and update profile information.

  • How will I receive my account summary?
  • Members can view account and profile information online by going to All stays at Hotel Salak The Heritage will be shown on your account summary.